National Minority Donor Awareness Month

Gift of Hope is proud to work with you—our Illinois and northwest Indiana communities, hospitals, volunteers and national partners—celebrating “One Voice, One Vision… to Save and Heal Lives,” in collaboration with Donate Life America and the Association for Multicultural Affairs in Transplantation (AMAT).

During National Minority Donor Awareness Month: Join us in sharing the facts and the opportunity to leave a legacy as a life-giving donor.

  • Multiple health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney disease as well barriers to care disproportionately affect African American families and communities. It leads to the need for transplant when people don’t receive the preventative care and early treatment they need. Disease prevention and access to care is critical.
  • Hispanics also are disproportionately represented on the waiting list due to high rates of diabetes, liver disease, kidney failure and heart disease that can lead to organ failure.  
  • For every individual who doesn’t speak fluent English: The unfortunate reality is that language barriers often affect access to the health care and health information that everyone deserves.
  • Too many people reach the point that they require an organ transplant. The more people who are willing to say yes and register as organ and tissue donors, the more we can increase the chances that we can save the lives of those waiting for transplants.
  • Ultimately, through disease prevention and donation, the goal is to eliminate the waiting list—at a minimum, deaths on the list for lack of an available organ donation in time.

Mistrust about the healthcare system and about donation remains a sad reality. Concerted outreach and education through trusted medical professionals, those who have successfully received transplants and families who have donated go a long way in helping people develop confidence in both the system and saying yes to donation.

Here in Illinois and northwest Indiana, Black and Hispanic families are saying yes to donation, and Black and Hispanic patients are receiving transplants, at higher rates than the national average.

Campaign Materials Available

Our Campaign Toolkit Guide provides easy reference on how to use the resources below that you can quickly download and share on social media, email or on your website.

Your help will make the difference in making sure
we continue to save and heal lives.

1. On Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram: Share the facts. Inspire others to understand donation, begin the conversation with family and friends, and make the decision to be an organ & tissue donor.

  • Encourage people to register at
  • Use the hashtags #SayYestoDonation #NMDAM2024 #GiftofHope
  • Tag @GiftofHope so we see your message and engage with all advocates in ongoing highlights, news and updates.

2. Come out and show your support: Click here for our calendar of events and programs during National Minority Donor Awareness Month.

3. Take part in National Minority Donor Awareness Month by sharing the information below in your community, or on your website and social media.

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