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About Gift of Hope

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Varied Opportunities Await You

Our dedicated clinical, administrative and support team works as one to save and enhance people’s lives through organ and tissue donation. Here are just some of the varied and challenging professional areas and positions that await you as a member of Team Hope.

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Clinical Career Descriptions

  • Donation Coordinators

    Donation Coordinators help to develop hospital environments that encourage and support the option for organ and tissue donation. They lay the groundwork for Gift of Hope by helping hospitals:

    • Comply with state and federal regulations
    • Establish donation policies
    • Plan organ and tissue donation educational programs for healthcare professionals
    • Analyze quantitative and qualitative donation data

    Their efforts to educate hospital staffs ensure that appropriate steps to maximize the donation opportunity are taken when a death is imminent and that all families of eligible donors receive the option to donate. In the case of donor referrals, they also work with key hospital staff members to coordinate the donation process and review procedures for possible improvements.

  • Donation Specialists

    Donation Specialists serve a dual role of facilitating the organ and tissue donation process and serving as an expert resource within hospitals on all aspects of organ and tissue donation. As donation coordinators, they create an environment and provide information that allows potential organ donor families to make informed decisions about organ and tissue donation. As hospital development professionals, they collaborate with hospital administration to create and implement policies and procedures that facilitate the donation process.

  • Laboratory Services Professionals

    Our Laboratory Services team includes laboratory assistants, laboratory analysts, medical technologists and laboratory managers. Working in our state-of-the-art, full-service Histocompatibility Laboratory, they conduct in-house infectious disease serologies, tissue typing, antibody identification and final cross-matching vital to the donation process. Laboratory staff also provide the histocompatibility testing required for living donor kidney transplants and non-renal transplant candidates. Our Laboratory maintains one of the largest kidney transplant waiting lists in the country, providing monthly antibody screenings for patients awaiting kidney and kidney/pancreas transplants through the nine transplant and more than 100 dialysis centers in our service area.

  • Organ and Tissue Recovery Coordinators

    Organ and Tissue Recovery Coordinators manage the complex donation process, from the referral of potential donors to the recovery and placement of donated organs and tissue. They are responsible for coordinating evaluation, informed consent, medical management, surgical recovery, allocation and distribution of organs and tissue for transplantation from donors in accordance with applicable policies, procedures and protocols.

  • Professional Educators

    Professional Education staff members provide donation education for physicians, nurses, pastoral care counselors, funeral directors, coroners and many others who play key roles in referring potential donors and managing donor care. Our Professional Education team works closely with our Hospital Development and other departments to develop these donation education programs.

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Non-Clinical Career Descriptions

  • Communications and Marketing

    Communications and Marketing staff members works to increase public awareness of Gift of Hope and organ and tissue donation and motivate people to register as organ and tissue donors in the Illinois and Indiana donor registries. They also plan and implement strategic communications and provide media outreach to local and national television, radio, print and online media on issues related to donation and transplantation. The team also provides ongoing print and electronic communications on organ and tissue donation and transplantation for hospital staff, funeral service professionals, coroners, medical examiners, volunteers and other external audiences.

  • Community Affairs

    Community Affairs staff members work to raise public awareness of organ and tissue donation and educate the general public about donation, with a special focus on African-American and Hispanic communities. They also work to motivate people to register as organ and tissue donors in the Illinois and Indiana donor registries. They do this by coordinating local coalitions of volunteers and multicultural task forces to provide presentations and organize donor registration drives in local communities. They also establish campaign partnerships with businesses, civic groups and associations to provide donation education and encourage people to register as donors in the Illinois and Indiana donor registries.

  • Donor Family Services

    Our Donor Family Services staff members provide ongoing information to families about the outcome of their loved ones’ donations and to recipients of organ and tissue donations. They also offer continuing support to donor families and recipients through remembrance ceremonies and community events and work to coordinate communication between families of donors and the recipients of their loved ones’ gifts.

  • Donor Resource Center

    Team members in our Donor Resource Center (DRC) respond to all donor referral calls from the 180 hospitals in our service area — 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our Donor Resource Coordinators serve as the communication conduit for donation cases among hospital personnel and the entire Gift of Hope team — administrators, Donation Coordinators, Donation Specialistsand Organ and Tissue Recovery Coordinators. Most Donor Resource Center Coordinators hold four-year or advanced degrees in health and social sciences such as nursing and social work, and many are experienced in allied health fields such as respiratory therapy and emergency medical services. In 2015, the Donor Resource Center handled more than 40,000 calls, more than half of which were calls identifying patients for potential organ and tissue donation.

  • Finance

    Our Finance team includes accountants, junior accountants, financial analysts and other financial professionals. They work together to manage our financial operations and ensure our financial strength, which enables us to carry out our lifesaving and life-enhancing mission.

  • Human Resources

    Our Human Resources team includes recruiters and human resources specialists who are responsible for recruiting, training and retaining talented team members and administering the organizations benefits programs. They also produce team-building events designed to celebrate to good things we accomplish as an organization and to recognize people for their dedication and contributions to Gift of Hope.

  • Information & Technology Services

    Our Information & Technology Services team includes network administrators, program analysts, program developers and data analysts. Together, they keep our electronic lifeline intact and provide vital data and information needed to help us carry out our mission.

Open Positions

Visit our Careers Portal to view our current job openings and apply for positions online. Or, if you prefer, you can simply submit your résumé for general consideration.

We currently are seeking to fill the following positions:

All positions are based in our Itasca headquarters unless otherwise indicated.

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Our Mission

To save and enhance the lives of as many people as possible through organ and tissue donation.

Our Vision

That all opportunities for organ and tissue donation are successful.

Our Values

  • Passionate People
  • Outstanding Teams
  • Compassionate Service


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